Kennethmont Burns Suppper, 18 Jan 2003

Robert Burns

Robert Burns 1759 -1796

The Burns Supper is a joint effort by The Rannes Hall Committee and The Kennethmont Senior Citizens Committee. It is held in The Rannes Hall.


The cooks- Wilma Grant and Brenda MacDonald

Cooks Wilma Grant and Brenda MacDonald taste the broth


The Top Table

The Top Table
Chairman John McCallum, centre, chaired the evening.


Piper and chef

The Haggis, carried by Wullie Reid, is piped in by Kevin Duncan, Fisherford

Wullie Reid carries in the Haggis

The haggis is carried into the hall.


Adressing the Haggis

Jim Crawford, Ellon addressing the Haggis, Kevin Duncan and Wullie Reid look on.


Serving out the meal

The Haggis, Neeps and Tatties being served. Waitress Alison Thomson is at the head of the queue


Serving the meal

Behind the scenes activity. The cooks and Zena Greig serve the meal.


Ian Gill proposes a toast

Dr Ian Gill, Neston, Wirral proposed the toast to the Immortal Memory of Rabbie Burns.
Ian has lived in England for over forty years but hails from a Macduff farm.


Steve Wright toasts the lasses

Steve Wright, Braes of Gartly proposed the toast to the Lasses


Phyllis Beverly replies

Phyllis Beverly, Rhynie replied in behalf of the Lasses.


The assembled company

A company of 112 sat down to the meal

Judith Mitchell

Head waitress Judith Mitchell at the tea table following the speeches.


Music by Ian Greig

Music for the dance was provided by Ian Greig of Elgin

Dancing in the Rannes Hall

The dancing went to the ' wee sma oors'


Dancing in the Rannes Hall

Strip the Willow in progress.


The speakers and chairman

The Speakers

Steve Wright, Ian Gill

John McCallum, Phyllis Beverly, Jim Crawford