Kennethmont Burns Suppper, 24 Jan 2004

Robert Burns 1759 -1796

Robert Burns 1759 -1796

The Burns Supper is a joint effort by The Rannes Hall Committee and The Kennethmont Senior Citizens Committee. It is held in The Rannes Hall.


The cooks,  Kennethmont Burns Supper 2004

Cooks Brenda MacDonald and Wilma Grant with the haggis


The top table

The Top Table
Chairman John McCallum, centre, chaired the evening.


piper and haggis

The Haggis, carried by Wullie Reid, is piped in by Kevin Duncan, Fisherford

chef Wullie Reid

Chef, Wullie Reid poses for the camera


a dram, lads

Peter Law has a dram with the Piper and Chef


Peter Law toasts the Haggis

Peter Law, Forgue in full flow addressing the Haggis

Chairman, Rev John McCallum

Rev John McCallum was Chairman


Serving the meal

The Haggis, Neeps and Tatties being served. Waitress Fiona Grant is at the head of the queue


soup course

Some of the behind the scenes staff enjoy the broth..


Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

A plate of Haggis, Neeps and Tatties


Guests enjoy the meals

The meal is served


Gordon Simpson, Forgue

Gordon Simpson, Forgue proposed the toast to the Immortal Memory of Rabbie Burns.


Martin Sheed

Martin Sheed, Cabrach proposed the toast to the Lasses


Faye Dawson

Faye Dawson, Kennethmont recited a Burns poem


Marieanne Barron

Martin's girlfriend Marieanne Barron replied in behalf of the Lasses.


Kennethmont Burns Supper 2004

A company of 115 sat down to the meal


Ian Greig

Music for the dance was provided by Ian Greig of Elgin


the bar staff

Barmen Gordon Grant and Ian Walker were kept busy during the evening



The Dance in progress


j-meldrum & co

Ready for home after Auld Lang Syne


the speakers

The Top Table party 2004

Martin Sheed, Peter Law, Gordon Simpson

Faye Dawson, John McCallum, Marieanne Barron