Kennethmont Post Office Closes

Recent changes brought about by the Post Office has resulted in our local post office being closed and the Postmistress retiring on 30th Sept 2008. This brought to an end an era, Kennethmont was at one time the centre of mail, parcel and telegram distribution in the area and has always had a full time post office.

John Morrison, Kennethmont Post Office

John Morrison was Postmaster at Kirkhill more than 100 years ago.

Irene Meldrum has run our Post Office from her home for the past 27 years. An extension was added to her house to accomodate it shortly after she took charge in 1981. It has recently been converted back into a fine additional sitting room with a sunny aspect.

A private presentation was made to Irene recently for all her hard work and dedication over the years. Unknown to her, a collection was made in the local area and she was presented with a Border Fine Arts ornament, a gold bracelet and a framed copy of a poem specially written to mark the occasion.


Kennethmont Postmistress retires

Irene being presented with the ornament by Mr J F Grant ( her oldest customer and a native of Kennethmont ) while Agnes Dawson and David Grant look on.


Jimmy & Irene Meldrum

Jimmy and Irene Meldrum in the former Post Office


Jimmy & Irene Meldrum


To Irene

Lets start at the beginning and have a bit of fun,
and I’ll tell a little story about a girl called Irene Dunn.
Born and bred in Lumsden, that’s where she went to school,
Working hard and sticking in, definitely no-one’s fool!


She first worked in the local shop, that’s how she earned her pay,
Till Jimmy Meldrum caught her eye and they married one fine day.
So she moved down to Kennethmont and worked up in Rhynie Post Office,
But she learned the ropes so quickly she wasn’t very long a novice.

Then in 1981, with Jimmy still driving lorries,
She took on Kennethmont Post Office and thought, I’ll manage that no worries!
She carried out her role as postmistress, taking everything in her stride,
And also worked hard as a mum with daughter Glenys by her side.


Now Irene served the Community for more than 27 year,
Her hard work and dedication to everyone is clear.
Managing the post office with such grace, style and flair,
Even sometimes serving customers with curlers in her hair!!


But now Irene has decided that the time’s come to retire,
To spend more time with her family or just her feet up by the fire.
But one thing we can confirm is that the rumours are not true,
Jimmy’s not getting the bell for his shed to make her run to him on cue!!


So finally we’d like to give good wishes to our friend,
We’d like to reassure Irene that retirement’s not the end.
All the caravan trips and cruises or just a long lie in bed,
Or more time to make a fly cup for Jimmy outside in his shed!!

All the best for a long, happy and healthy retirement!