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1st Bn., Gordon Highlanders
who died on
Tuesday, 18th July 1916. Age 25.

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Alexander Douglas


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Son of John and Elizabeth Douglas, lived at Craigton , later Rose Cottage.

John d Kirkhill, 14/4/1896. Elizabeth Stuart d Craigton Cott, 28/1/1921
Interred Kennethmont CY (Old). Alex recorded on headstone d France

Alexander Douglas was baptised at Kirkhill on 9/11/1890. His father was a farm servant.

Pte 6 GH, Craigton Cottage. Born Kennethmont and enlisted at Inverurie, killed in action, served France & Flanders.

PRO; War & Victory Medals

The letter S prefixing the service number indicates a wartime enlistment.

Only Alex Douglas in GH from records, brother of George Douglas

Brothers James and John served Pte 6 GH, Jimmy d Aberdeen 21/8/1941, John d Inverurie 29/3/1970.
Jimmy had one leg, a result of his war service, but got about on his bicycle quite easily.

Life of a Regiment, entry
1GH were not involved in the Somme assaults of July 1st 1916. They went into trenches at Caterpillar Valley near Longueval on the 14th. On 18th July they attacked Longueval and the orchard to the north. They also attacked High Wood and Delville Wood. Due to the horrors which occurred there as it changed hands many times Delville Wood was known to the soldiers as Devil's Wood.

1GH Battalion War Diary entries, July 1916

18th, Caterpillar Valley- Patrols sent out at 2 am, orders to attack Longueval village next morning. Assembly at 2 am, assault at 3.45 am, village successfully carried, but strong points North of Delville Wood remained in enemies hands. Counter attacks, intensive shelling for 7 hours, strong and determined counter attacks, forced to evacuate all but southern edge of village and wood.

Very heavy losses, 4 officers killed, 7 wounded, 321 ORs killed wounded or missing.
7th Division, 3rd Division involved with 2nd Bn and 1st Bn respectively.


Service notes
1st Gordon Highlanders

4/8/1914 at Plymouth: 8th Bde, 3rd Division
14/8/1914 landed Boulogne.
12/9/1914 to Line of Communications Troops after losing 80% at Le Cateau (the order to withdraw never reached them or others of 8th Bde. 500 Gordons were captured)
30/9/1914 remnants reinforced & returned to 8th Bde, 3rd Division
19/10/1915 to 76th Brigade, 3rd Division.
11/11/1918 La Longueville, France


Commemorative Information

Memorial: THIEPVAL MEMORIAL, Somme, France
Grave Reference/
Panel Number:
Pier and Face 15 B and 15 C


Thiepval Memorial

The Thiepval Memorial will be found on the D73, off the main Bapaume to Albert road (D929).