Nikki memorial, Kanchanaburi

The soldiers whose names are recorded here perished in captivity
and their ashes are buried together in two graves in Plot IX.
Their Glory shall not be blotted out.


The names of Gordon Highlanders, Kanchanaburi

The name of Alex Macdonald, Kanchanaburi

The name of Alexander MacDonald is recorded along with another 21 Gordon Highlanders who perished during the cholera epidemic at Nikki. All were members of the 2nd Battalion.

Kanchanaburi War Cemetery


The Siam - Burma Railway of Death memorial plaque, Kanchanaburi

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The author is extremely grateful to Holly McKenzie of Cambridge for arranging
to have these photographs taken at Kanchanaburi, Thailand..
Photographed July 2002.

The names of Gordon Highlanders